SEASTARS Presentation

Disability Swimmers represent at The Southern Zone Meet

Fifty (50) of the fastest swimmers in Southeastern Swimming (SES) traveled over 5 states Sunday July 31st to compete in the Southern Zones Championship Meet Tuesday August 2nd through Saturday August 6th. Coach Robin was so proud to be coaching the 2 Disability Swimmers, Anthony (SAST) and Kamila (TNAQ).  So proud of all the swimmers from SES representing Tennessee, Alabama, and The Florida Panhandle! Go, SES!
Southeastern swimming placed 4th over all out of 13 teams. We had a great week of swimming. Kamila placed first in all 6 of her events and Anthony took 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver! I am so proud of my disability athletes. It was an incredible opportunity for Anthony and am so proud of my little SEASTAR.

Words of Wisdom from an Ex-SEASTAR

I have asked ex-SEASTARS Swimmers to share what SEASTARS means to them and how they feel about the impact it has had on them after High School. Last night I received the following from Chelsea Murphy. She swam with us for 7 years and is now almost 21 and attending Mississippi State University. So Proud of her!

My name is Chelsea Murphy and I swam with SEASTARS for about 7 years and unlike any other team I was a part of, it made a difference. SEASTARS was a swim team that went beyond swimming; it taught you integrity, dedication, how to be a part of a team, and what it was like to earn something. SEASTARS would have incentives for the swimmers to earn points to go towards buying them swimsuits, goggles, swim caps, ect. which was one way that taught us how to work for things that we wanted. Being a part of this organization went beyond the pool. Being that I started swimming with SEASTARS when they were relatively new, I was able to form a very close bond with my teammates and we would always cheer for each other at the other end of the pool and motivate each other even if we were racing against each other, which I’m sure is a tradition that has not changed. To this day if I could go back and wake up at 5 a.m to be to practice at 6 a.m I would do it all over again. The coaching staff was immaculate and actually cares about how the swimmer does in and outside of the pool, and even went the extra mile to make sure that swimmers made it to practice. SEASTARS is a very unique program and I am very proud that I was and still am able to be a part of it. I would encourage anyone who is eligible to swim there to do so, and to my old teammates DO NOT QUIT! Practice hard every day and leave it all in the pool.”

SEASTARS Sail this Summer

The Pensacola Yacht Club gave SEASTARS 3 opportunities to take 6 swimmers sailing on “The Satori”. The purpose of The PYC Satori Foundation is to inspire interest in and encourage and promote the sport of sailing and yachting and a broad range of maritime activities. The foundation is established to develop educational and training programs for the sports of sailing and yachting, for seamanship and for marine education. The Foundation will receive, maintain, use and apply funds and assets exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes.
May 27th Coach Gracie, Susan, Bonnie, and Coach Robin got to take some of our special needs swimmers sailing. We took another group June 11th and our last sail of the year was August 20th.  What an amazing experience for our SEASTARS Swimmers!
On July 2nd Pensacola Yacht Club hosted the Junior Olympic Sailing Regatta for kids from around the country. It was a very exciting event for the entire boating community. They thought it would be a great opportunity for some of our kids to be a part of. Five (5) SEASTARS kids were apart of the opening ceremony (carried the torch) and then went out on a power boat for an hour or so to observe the race. A huge Thank You to The Pensacola Yacht Club for sharing this opportunity with us!