SEASTARS help with ECAT Advertsment

Sam from ECAT (the Escambia County bus system) came by and took some photos of some of our swimmers for a summer program that offers unlimited rides to kids 18 and under, for only $25, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. They are working directly with community centers for the advertisements. This was one of the best shots. Look for the SEASTARS Swimmers in the upcoming ECAT Ads!


April Community Service- EARTHDAY PENSACOLA April 23rd


Brown Barge Exchange Program

For over 20 years Brown Barge Middle School has participated in a foreign exchange program with Japan. The Toles family had 2 guests in April. We let the 14 year old boys swim and play with Zanyah and Zekel on Thursday and even sent them back to Japan as honorary SEASTARS. Apparently it is customary for them to bring gifts to their host family, but they don’t bring much back home. Glad to extend Our SEASTARS Family over seas:)

March Community Service- Buddies and Info Booth at Miracle League Ball Park