SEASTARS Aquatics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and fostering the success and growth of children who are economically, physically or mentally challenged by providing individualized attention as a part of a structured competitive swim team program.

Programs span grades 1-12, with performance-appropriate curriculum designed to teach the skills necessary to prepare swimmers for key competitions. Within each program, SEASTARS educates swimmers on issues such as proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and the negative effects of drug use. All programs are designed to keep the coach / swimmer ratio at a minimum.

SEASTARS is an incentive-based program in which children have a chance to earn their own equipment and swim gear through five basic areas of reward: sportsmanship, meeting or exceeding personal goals, academics, attendance, and community service. In addition, SEASTARS requires swimmers to donate a portion of their time each month to help others through community service activities.

SEASTARS is offered as a year round United States swim team and mentoring program. The team practices are held at The Salvation Army, North “Q” St., Pensacola and any child that qualifies for free or reduced lunch is eligible to participate.



SEASTARS will be taking their first 3 swimmers to a Paralympic Swim Meet in Augusta GA October 24th&25th. Abi (14) will be classified Friday October 23rd for her Physical Disability (Cerebral Palsy) and Dolon (9) and Anthony (13) were just Nationally Classified as S14 Swimmers for their cognitive disabilities through Athletes Without Limits. This is an amazing opportunity for Abi, Dolon, and Anthony. We need help raising funds for the travel, lodging, food, and swim meet expenses. Please help make this dream a possibility for these 3 SEASTARS Swimmers. With your help we are truly helping make a difference for children one stroke at a time! Follow the link below to help Abi, Dolon, and Anthony get to Augusta!

Help us send 3 SEASTARS Swimmers to their 1st Paralympic Swim Meet in Augusta GA Oct 24th and 25th, 2015