SEASTARS Aquatics offers four instruction levels to help children benefit from water safety. Private and Semi-private Swimming Lessons are available. All ages and abilities welcome!

Lessons are 30 minutes in duration Monday – Thursday, with Friday as the make up day (if needed). Our lesson environment is a fear free, success driven place for children to learn and excel in the water.

SEASTARS Lessons aren’t just for children:

Jason Blaydes, 36, began swimming lessons with Jawone “DD” Blankenship through SEASTARS in July to help get him prepared for his swimming portion of his First Triathlon on September 6, 2014.  Jason could swim, but was not ready to compete in the open water 1500yrd swim.  DD, 15, who started teaching lessons for SEASTARS this year was a little nervous working with Jason. It was one thing to work with children, but an adult was different.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for four weeks, Jason would come and take lessons from DD on his lunch break.  After all his hard work and training in and out of the pool Jason placed 1st in the beginner category yesterday! Way to go, Jason! Just a little reminder that swim lessons aren’t just for kids. If you are a new swimmer or just want to improve you technique, young or old, SEASTARS Swimming Lessons will help you achieve your goals!

“I had an amazing day yesterday with so much support from my friends and family. I love you guys!!! Thanks for all the support from my IG friends as well. I made the podium… 1st place in the beginner category! The hard work paid off. Now it’s time to improve for my next one in October.”

“Thank you Dee Dee for teaching me to swim! Your training got me 1st place in the beginner category! Thank you again buddy!!!”

“Thanks everyone for the kind words and positive comments! Thank you Robin Mohanco Heller and SEASTARS Aquatics for getting my swim ready… I could not have completed this without you guys!”

Instruction levels:

  • Water Adjustment
    Children learn how to have fun, play with others in the pool, and work with an instructor.
  • Primary Skills
    Learn to float horizontal, breath, and basic front crawl and backstroke.
  • Stroke Development
    Refining front crawl, backstroke, and learning breaststroke and butterfly.
  • Stroke Refinement
    Achieving maximum propulsion in desired stroke(s) utilizing video taping and feedback sessions.

Lesson Pricing- Swimming Lessons are given at The Salvation Army Pool, located at 1501 North Q Street, or at your home pool.

1 Swimmer per Instructor
$125 for 4 Lessons
2 Swimmers per Instructor
$62.50 for 4 Lessons (per Child)
Home Pool
(1-2 Students)
$200 for 4 Lessons

We also provide customized group water experiences. Please contact  our director, Debbie Taylor, for more information at (850) 418-0644 or at


There is one full time staff and 4 part time employees for SEASTARS Aquatics in 2012. All Staff are certified coaches through USA Swimming and have passed a backgroud check, and are certified in CPR, First aid, Lifeguarding, and Safety Training for Swim Coaches. They have all completed The Foundations of Coaching level 1 test through ASCA ( The American Swim Coaches Association).

Robin Heller

Robin Heller- President, is a professional swimming coach with a degree in Psychology from Florida State University. She has been a part of the swimming community since 1985. Mrs. Heller spent 3 years coaching with GPAC (Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club) where she headed the Summer League Swim Team and coached the 12 and under Age Group. She coached with ATAC (Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club) for 4 years, where she coached all age groups including the High School Developmental Program and the Pre-Senior Group. Mrs. Heller also coached the Leon High School swim team and their State winning breaststroker.

She is a certified level 3 Age Group Coach and is certified Level 1-5 Disability Coach. She is also certified in Teaching age group developmental sports psychology and Dryland Training through ASCA.

Chaz Heller

Chaz is a professional swimming coach with a degree from Tallahassee Community College and FSU . He has been a part of the swim coaching community since 1994. He coached the Leon County Special Olympics Swim Team for 2 years and coached with the ATAC swim team for 6 years. At ATAC he was the Assistant Coach and headed the High School Developmental Program, the Masters Program and the Special Needs Program. Chaz also coached the Lincoln High School Swim Team for two years. At Lincoln he was the Big Bend Coach of the Year. Most recently, he was the Assistant Coach at Florida A & M University for 2 years.

In 2010 Coach Chaz became Captian Chaz and started a Charter Fishing Business. Visit his website at

 Lilia Oakey-Whitehouse

Lilia Whitehouse has been served as an assistant coach and swim lessons instructor at SEASTARS Aquatics since September 2013. She received her B.A. from Valparaiso University and is currently a fourth grade teacher in Escambia County. She has been involved with competitive swimming since 1994. Before coaching with SEASTARS, Lilia coached in the Chicagoland area for four years including 3 years as a Special Olympics coach and 2 years coaching children along the autism spectrum. Previous to coaching, she conducted swim lessons for children and adults with traumatic water experiences.

  Gracie Miller

Gracie Miller has been swimming on SEASTARS for five years and has been coaching for a little over two months. She is sixteen and in the eleventh grade. Upon first starting the swim team, she was skeptical of working with Special Needs children and adults. But SEASTARS helped Gracie see that they were exactly like everyone else and should not be treated differently. SEASTARS Aquatics has helped her learn responsibility and how to care for others rather than just thinking of herself.